Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jeff still out there tearin it up!

Well, I tried my best to upload these onto photo bucket and image shack (so that I could dump them onto Jeff's NAFEX thread)...they uploaded fine, but just wouldn't play properly SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm posting them here. Again, my video taking skills are more than lacking, but at least the quality is better now (we got that flip camera for Christmas ya know!). Both flights are pretty generic, and I even missed filming the kill shot on one of them, but it shows some of the points that Jeff hits upon in his thread (slipping once your past the birds, etc, etc).
For anyone still paying attention to this blog, I released Sayda a little bit ago, and she has paired up with a nice looking hag male about a mile from my house (those harris hawk feathers make her pretty easy to spot...). Hopefully she will fare well with her first nest, and keep this territory for many years to come. If she sticks around, I will be trapping one of her branching babies in a year or two, and see what an early trapped RS is like. Until next time my friends.