Saturday, September 25, 2010

Depressing update

Well, it seems life still does not want me doing a blog....I'm, again, about to be laid off from my job. The company I work for pretty much put all their eggs in one basket, and it didn't pan out.....they will be closing in the not too distant future. So, the job search is back on again. Blogging is now pretty much off the priority list, which should be understandable to most.....Having to time do my falconry birds justice this season is going to be hard enough as it time that used to be available for the blog, will now be taken up with hawkin, being a good dad, loving my wife, and trying to get life back to some what of a managable (sp?) state. Hope everyone has a great season, and I will get back in touch someday.


  1. Good luck man, hope everything works out.

  2. Hey man, sorry to hear about yout situation. Hope everything works out for the better.

  3. Daniel, Nothing is easy but all will work out in the end.....

    Ryan's Dad