Friday, September 17, 2010


Yeah, I know.....It's sorta like my first bird Delicious....just don't ask :). We almost don't even stop to look at her. It had been a long, unsuccessful day of trapping, and we were more into laughing at the podcast, than we were looking for birds. We both saw her at the same time though, and Ryan commented how she looked weird. She looked weird to us, b/c she was the first passage bird we havd seen in weeks! I glass her, and of course can't tell. She then drops off the perch, and hits the ground with a purpose....mousin! I guess it was the angle or something, but neither of us got a good look of her on the way down, so we anxiously watch the spot for her to fly back up. Then, just like that, she flies up to the pole....banded tail just dancing in the air. Ryan hits the gas, and my window is on it's way down. Toss the trap as we go by, and wouldn't ya lands right side up :). Before we can even get the car turned around, she is on the trap, and we are again, anxiously watching a spot. All of a sudden, I see the flip of wing, and I'm yelling "GO!!!" I bail out of the car, and run over to pick her up. The haste was not needed though, b/c she was ALL SORTS of hung up on that trap. Got her hooded, and we took care of the tangled mess back in the car. Went ahead and geared her up right there also, and after getting settled in on the fist, rode the whole way home without incident. She was pretty stinkin jumpy at first, but chilled out after a little bit. When we got back to Ryan's place, we decided to tape her tail, for the ride home in the GH. Spent a minute doing that, and she ended up just knocking it off on the ride back :). I swear, I have never once gotten that blue tape everyone likes to stay put.. Got her home, and she chilled on the block that night. Had a 20 something gram casting the next day, so she had a FULL stomach when we trapped her. That means she's greedy, and I like that! Going to have to stay on my toes with this bird though. Dee Dee was pretty laid back, and I think I was a little spoiled. This bird has an attitude (for a red-tail) and razor sharp tallons to go with it. Anyways, pretty psyched about this coming season! Now, if we can just get rid of this hot weather......


  1. trap weight? i know you said she was full but just wondering the size of the bird

  2. she was trapped at 1250 with a belly full of mice and one chillen in her crop....and hog fat! That's the same weight Dee Dee was trapped at, but this bird is way smaller....probably should have gotten an empty weight on her, but there would have been no way to do so w/o creating a negative, so i didn't mess wit her.

  3. NICE! yea, thats a chubby bird :P i actually just released a bird that i kept overnight. Decided to hold out for something bigger...she was 1150 trapped, fed her up to 1300 on quail and let her on her way :) hope i made the right choice. i am also trying to get my blog together... just been lazy so far.